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Dorothy Bohm has been taking photographs for over seventy-five years, and her archive consists of thousands of images taken in wide variety of geographical locations. For the sake of convenience, the archive has been grouped into several thematic categories, each category on this website containing a small representative sample of her work. Click on individual images to enlarge.

Vintage Prints
Human Interest
Still Life

Dorothy Bohm Photographer - Vintage
The following is a selection of
Dorothy Bohm's best-known and best-loved
vintage (silver gelatin) prints. These are black and white images printed by the
photographer herself around the time she
took them, fro m the late 1940s to the
mid-1980s, when she abandoned
black and white for colour.
Some vintage prints are also
included in other sections.



(far left) Italy 1960s

(left) Brussels, Belgium 1949

(far left) Paris 1953

(left) Italy 1968

(far left) Lago Maggiore, Switerland/Italy 1950

(left) Lago Maggiore 1950

(far left) Spain 1960s

(left) Madeira 1983

(far left) Sussex, England 1970s

(left) New York 1955

(right) Ascona, Switzerland 1948

(below) Spain 1959

(far left) Paris 1953

(left) Hampstead, London 1970s

(above left) New York 1956

(above right) Italy 1960s

(left) Spain 1960s

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