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Dorothy Bohm has been taking photographs for over seventy-five years, and her archive consists of thousands of images taken in wide variety of geographical locations. For the sake of convenience, the archive has been grouped into several thematic categories, each category on this website containing a small representative sample of her work. Click on individual images to enlarge.

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Dorothy Bohm Photographer - Cities

"Dorothy Bohm has always avoided the pitfalls of adopting current stylistic
clichés. In pursuing her own direction,
she reveals facets of city life, of the
complex relationships between people
and their environment. Like all great
photographers of humankind
she seems to have the knack of
insinuating herself into situations without
imposing herself on them."

Martin Harrison,
from text of
Inside London, 2002



(above) London 1969

(right) Paris 1955


(far left) Venice 1987

(left) Paris 1955

(far left) Paris 1990

(left) Zurich 1991

(above) Paris 1953

(left) London 1960s


(far left) Paris 1988

(left) London 1990s

(left) Los Angeles, USA 1984

(below) Hong Kong 1984


(far left) London 1997

(left) London 1996

(far left) Venice 1984

(left) Avignon, France 1994

(far left) London 1961

(left) USA 1984


(above) Monte Carlo, France 1987

(left) London 1998

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