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Dorothy Bohm has been taking photographs for over seventy-five years, and her archive consists of thousands of images taken in wide variety of geographical locations. For the sake of convenience, the archive has been grouped into several thematic categories, each category on this website containing a small representative sample of her work. Click on individual images to enlarge.

Vintage Prints
Human Interest
Still Life

Dorothy Bohm Photographer - Landscape

"Her pictures sting the aesthetic sense
because they are full of exemplary gravity,
full of the poetry of the natural."

Lawrence Durrell, from the Foreword to Egypt, 1986



(left) Andalucia, Spain 1985

(below) Egypt 1986


(far left) Provence, France 1993

(left) Lake Lugano, Switzerland 1994

(far left) Zeeland, Holland 1994

(left) Israel 1997

(far left) Worthing, England 1986

(left) Weston-super-Mare, England 1976

(far left) Greece 1970s

(left) Arizona, USA 1970s

(above) Scotland 1982

(left) Ascona, Switzerland 1950s



(far left) Provence, France 1991

(left) Sussex, England 1970s

(left) Israel 1970

(below) Sussex, England 1987




(above left) Spoleto, Italy 1992

(above right) Languedoc, France 1991

(left) Versailles, France 1988
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