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Dorothy Bohm has been taking photographs for over seventy-five years, and her archive consists of thousands of images taken in wide variety of geographical locations. For the sake of convenience, the archive has been grouped into several thematic categories, each category on this website containing a small representative sample of her work. Click on individual images to enlarge.

Vintage Prints
Human Interest
Still Life

Dorothy Bohm Photographer - Still Life
“I find that colour requires a different sensitivity. Reality and unreality mix more harmoniously. I can give vent more readily to my fantasies: it allows more scope for the dream! My eye is alert to bursts of colour where unexpected things emerge. The emotional appeal of colour to me is very strong, it does not say the same thing as black and white".



(far left) Spain 2000

(left) Cornwall, England 1995

(far left) Provence, France 1994

(left) London 1998

(far left) France 1990

(left) Cairo, Egypt 1985

(above) Hampstead, London 1998

(right) Provence, France 1992


(far left) Sussex, England 1990

(left) Cornwall, England, 1995

(above) Hampstead, London 1998

(right) Hampstead, London 1998


(far left) Paris 1997

(left) New Mexico, USA 1980s

(far left) Venice 1986

(left) Hampstead, London 1994

(above) Rome 1995

(left) Jerusalem, Israel 1996



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