Dorothy Bohm Photographer - Publications
Ambiguous Realities Cover About Women: Photographs by Dorothy Bohm, Dewi Lewis, 2015, (texts by Marika Cobbold and Amanda Hopkinson)
Ambiguous Realities Cover A World Observed 1940-2010: Photographs by Dorothy Bohm, Philip Wilson Publishers/Manchester Art Gallery, 2010 (texts by Colin Ford, Ian Jeffrey & Monica Bohm-Duchen)
Ambiguous Realities Cover Ambiguous Realities: Colour Photographs by Dorothy Bohm, Ben Uri Gallery, London, 2007 (text by Monica Bohm-Duchen)
Dorothy Bohm, Un Amour de Paris, Paris Musées, 2005 (texts by Mark Haworth-Booth, Lynne Woolfson & Françoise Reynaud)
Dorothy Bohm, Breaks in Communication, Steidl, G�ttingen, [Germany], 2002 (text by Martin Harrison)
Dorothy Bohm, Inside London, Lund Humphries Publishers/ The Photographers� Gallery, London, 2000 (texts by Martin Harrison & Jessica Duchen)

Dorothy Bohm, Walls and Windows, Lund Humphries Publishers, London/ The Royal Photographic Society, Bath,1998 (texts by Mark Haworth-Booth & Monica Bohm-Duchen)

Dorothy Bohm, Sixties London, Lund Humphries Publishers/ The Photographers� Gallery, London, 1996 (texts by Amanda Hopkinson & Ian Jeffrey)
Dorothy Bohm, Colour Photography 1984-94, The Photographers� Gallery, London, 1994 (text by Ian Jeffrey)
Dorothy Bohm, Venice, Thames and Hudson, London,1992 (text by Ian Jeffrey)
Dorothy Bohm, Egypt, Thames and Hudson, London, 1989, (with Foreword by Lawrence Durrell and text by Ian Jeffrey)
Dorothy Bohm Photographs, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1986 (text by Nissan Perez)
Ian Norrie and Dorothy Bohm, A Celebration of London, Walks Around the Capital, Andre Deutsch, London,1984
Dorothy Bohm and Ian Norrie, Hampstead: London Hill Town, Wildwood House, London,1981
   Dorothy Bohm, A World Observed, Hugh Evelyn, London, 1970, with Introduction by Roland Penrose






Paul Smith chose View from the Royal Exchange, City of London, a 1960s photograph by Dorothy Bohm, as the inspiration for a range of men’s clothing items – a suit jacket, formal shirt, polo shirt and T-shirt - for his autumn/winter 2006-7 fashion collection.